Rome and Naples

We will be in Rome with 6 persons, varying ages, 25-66. We would like to stay in a safe area of Rome, near good sights, and fairly middle of the road prices (150-200 dollars, per night). We will be needing 3 rooms in all.Any suggestions? Also, we will be leaving from Naples airport, any problem with this? We have a Marriot Ren. Hotel booked, any extra advice would be helpful. We are going to be on heightened security alert, due to all the information I've read about pick-pockets. Any and all advice is helpful.

Posted by donna
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All of Rome is safe. There is no violent crime to speak of. When you say 150-200 per night that means about 114-153 euros. I hope you mean this is per room and not for all three rooms. You can check for hotels. The more expensive areas are the city center which is the pantheon and navona areas. Other really good areas are the Vatican, colosseum and termini areas. There is no one area in Rome that is close to all the sites. I don't see any problems leaving from the Naples airport but you will want to spend the night before you leave in Naples and not try to train into Naples the day of your flight. You never know if there will be a transport strike or if the train will be delayed. Use a money belt and don't carry more cash on you than you'll need for the day. Donna

Posted by gerri
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How many days are you in Rome? Naples? Your hotel in Naples is in a very central area. Good bus access,close to the port,great for ferry rides to the Amalfi coast, and the pick-up point for the Alibus to the airport. If you will be in Naples for at least 3 days, take a look at the Campania Arte card.

Posted by Roberto
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Try to stay in the Quirinale or Viminale area in Rome. Just south of the station. In the historical center you won't find anything at those prices. Safety is not an issue anywhere in Rome.

Posted by Marie
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Thank you all, Ifeel relieved and have a better feeling for Rome and Naples.

Posted by Val
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Always good to be alert of your surroundings in any country...but I would not worry too much about Rome. I travelled there alone (I am a young white blond female) a year ago and felt completely safe during the day and at night. I stayed near the plaza Republicca and found the area to be fine. I would not stay too close to had a bit less charm (well, to me...). But like others have said...anyhwere near Vatican or Colosseum is great. On a side note I enjoy my day trip to Capri (boat Naples-Capri)! Amazing views of Capri during funicular ride! Bon voyage!

Posted by Marie
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Thank you, narrowing down the area to stay is very helpful. I will have two young ladies in the group, and wouldn't want to stay somewhere that was not safe. Yrs, we are heading down to Capri as well.