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Rome and Assisi

Hello, I am planning my first trip to Italy and am thinking of Rick Steves' Rome in 7 days tour. I'd like to also go to Assisi and am deliberating whether I should tack this onto the front of the tour or after the tour is over. I'm thinking that if I do it after the Rome tour ends, that I would get to Assisi by train, spend two nights there (could anyone recommend a nice, moderately priced hotel in Assisi?) then go directly to the Rome airport to fly home. How does one get from Assisi to the Rome airport, and how much travel time plus airport check-in time should I allow? i.e., if I leave Assisi by train about noon, is it realistic that I could get on an evening flight that same day out of Rome to the US? Many thanks!

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If there are evening flights from Rome to US, you could leave Assisi at noon and make one. It would take about 3 hours to get from Assisi to the airport by train and you'd want to be there at least 2 hours before departure. But, I think most flights leave Rome for US by midday, probably earlier if you're connecting. Better option would be to go to Assisi before the Rome tour. Then you'll have an easy trip back to Rome for the start of the tour (usually 5pm) and a guide to consult about the trip to the airport (very handy if you have an early flight).

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Good for you--I loved the Rome tour! A couple thoughts based on my own experiences, though I haven't been to Assisi.

Go before or go after? I can present good arguments either way. At the end of the Rome tour, you will probably be quite tired, but if like me, you will NOT be ready to go back home. You will also be much more confident about your ability to handle yourself in Italy. Be more familiar with the train system, public transportation, etc.

Going before the tour allows you to recover from jetlag in a smaller, quieter town and generally rest up before the Rome tour, which can be quite demanding. I think it will also simplify your flight choices.

For my second trip to Italy in November, I wanted the latest flight out possible out of Rome because I will be in Florence that morning (finishing up the RS tour there). For quite awhile I was thinking I would have no choice but to book a late flight (6pm or so) that overnighted in Frankfurt or Paris (meaning an extra night lodging or an uncomfortable night at the airport) and got back to WA the next day. I finally found a flight that would let me leave Rome and return to the US on the same day--at 1:30pm, connecting through London Heathrow and back home on the new NWA non-stop London-Seattle flight that leaves London at 6:30pm. Of course, this means we will have to leave Florence fairly early--around 7:30 or 8am on the Eurostar. For Assisi, I'm not sure the train would be fast enough to give you enough time, and you certainly would have to leave well before noon.

I would suggest either going to Assisi first or return and spend one extra night in Rome afterwards.

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Connie: In Italy travel takes longer than you think it will so don't cut it too close on getting your flight out.

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This is really easy to do. The train to Assisi leaves from the Termini in Rome and is a really lovely trip.- scenery is just beautiful. Once at the station you will need to get a bus or cab up to the base of the town. From there a cab to your hotel will be the easiest. Once you see the hills you will change your mind about walking up to your hotel.

We stayed at the Umbra in a twin room at Euro 125 a night. It was great. Perfect location and clean with very friendly staff. It's very quiet as it is off the main square behind buildings which provide sound proofing. It also has a lovely garden terrace which we didn't use as it rained the whole time we were there.

There is a really great restaurant near by - this is their web site - Quite possibly the best meal we had on our whole trip and the most reasonably priced. Do book as it is really popular and tables for one are quite OK. Also a great cafe for fantastic coffee, pastries and gelati is Caffe' Del Lion D'Oro just up from the hotel in Corso Mazzini Giuseppe, 11. Again really popular place - always full of locals in the morning having a quick coffee.

To get back to the airport take the train to Termini and then get the express to the airport. Do allow quite a bit of time at the airport for security, customs etc.

Have a great trip.

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Assisi is a great little town. At the train station in Assisi take the bus into town and get off at the last stop (I think it is the last stop) on the top of the hill - opposite end of town from the cathedral. Hotel Ideal is about a half block away - very reasonable price, nice room with good views from the balcony. Returning to Rome, take the bus down to the station - train to termini station - train from termini to the airport.