Rome Accommodations and Uber

We are considering staying in a hotel located on on Via Sardegna near the US Embassy. It's not exactly near all the must-see attractions, but I would be able to use hotel points I have for essentially a free 3-night stay---hard to pass up. This hotel has a sister hotel near the Colosseum, but it has gotten mixed reviews so I'm hesitant to stay there.

I don't mind doing some walking (I plan on doing a lot of that in Italy anyway), but for anyone who might be more familiar with Rome than I am, will that area just be too far out? Nearest Metro stops look to be Barbarini and Republica.

In conjunction with that, I considered trying Uber for the first time as a way to bridge the distance. I could use the service, say, between the hotel and Termini.
Anyone used Uber in Rome?

I'm open to thoughts or suggestions.


Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Why use Uber when the taxis are so convenient between the airport and central Rome. The rate is fixed at 48E. At least it is all downhill from the hotel. It is a decent area a bit on the edge. The buses would work better than the metro.

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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The question doesn't seem to be about using Uber from FCO to the hotel, but rather from the hotel to Termini. FWIW, taxis within Rome are reasonably priced, and it's only about a 20 minute walk from Termini to your hotel. The historic center of Rome is fairly compact.

Use Google Maps to figure out the distances in Rome for yourself. And use Streetview to take a peek around.

Good luck.

Posted by Roberto
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Uber has not been super successful in Rome or other Italian cities so far. Although taxi drivers protest against it, however Italians generally use Uber primarily only when taxi drivers go on strike to protest against Uber, which makes the taxi drivers even more mad and makes them strike even more, which forces people to use Uber even more, which makes the taxi drivers even more mad.........(continue ad infinitum).
But Uber in Italy is usually more expensive than the taxi, so the only time you should use it is when taxi drivers are on strike to protest against Uber, which makes the taxi drivers even more mad.......................

Posted by Cynthia
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If I were just planning the trip for myself, I probably wouldn't be quite so concerned about the distance. But I should have mentioned that I'm planning the trip for myself and my mother. I literally started having anxiety attacks this week because I feel responsible for providing a good trip, keeping within a reasonable budget, and not overestimating her abilities. Though she is 73, she is in good health and exercises.

Not helping that every caution in the guidebook about pick-pockets, corrupt taxi drivers, scams, etc is now making me feel as though we're about to "run the gauntlet."

Posted by Elizabeth Minchilli
Rome, Italy
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Don't have panic attacks! You'll be fine, and so will your mother. There is a taxi stand right at the top of Via Veneto, near Via Sardegna, so you will almost always be able to find a taxi. Buses too, should get you around with no trouble. You might want to do a bit of research ahead of time, through the ATAC site, for which buses might get you where.

A word about Taxis in Rome: you don't flag them down as in other cities. You either have to phone them, or else go to a taxi stand. From your end near your apartment, you can always go to the stand on Via Veneto. From the other end, you can always have a restaurant call a taxi for you. If you need to phone a cab the two main companies are:
06 3570
06 4994

Posted by Frank
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Remember it is always easier to discuss the negative stuff - more entertaining - than positive stuff. You have to know what you are doing but taxi experience in Rome is about the same as in New York. We have never had any problem with a taxi driver in Rome. With your mother I would take the taxi directly from the airport fixed at 48E. The train would be 28E plus the cab from the station - another 10 or so. So you pay 10E for the convenience of door to door. Compared to the price of the airline ticket - nothing.

Posted by SamSn
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
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Via Sardegna is a very nice neighborhood filled with many high end restaurants, shops and hotels. It is a short walk downhill to the Barberini metro station. I would not use Uber. Taxis are easy to find and cheap. I have heard too many horror stories in the US about Uber so I would not want to try it in another country where I don't know the laws and my rights.