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Rome 6 days

We are traveling to Rome in the beginning of March. There are 9 of us going, 5 adults (two are young adults) and 4 kids (ages 11-17). We have 6 days of sight-seeing, is 6 days in Rome too much for that large of a group? Should we consider day trips we can take via train? I'm hoping that COVID starts to decline before we get there and restrictions might be eased just a little. BUT even with current restrictions in place, I feel like we could still see and do quite a bit. (We are all vaccinated and know we need masks).

On top of those questions, any help with the following is greatly appreciated:

  • Getting from the airport to our AirBnB (which is in the San Saba neighborhood, not too far from the Circo Massimo) - I'm thinking that hiring a car service might be the best bet, but would love any suggestions.

  • Getting around Rome with that large of a group

  • Not to miss items

  • Any other general tips are great appreciated.

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hey hey ejanehall
your trip is soon, make sure all you vax, boosters, covid-19 tests up to date for all.
make a list for must sees & do's, maybe sees and do's, and okay to miss. does everyone want to do same thing or split up? make reservations ahead of time at the site itself.
look at taxi/shuttle from airport for all of you to fit in one van, maybe two. keep address of place for you and driver. check in is usually 2-3pm unless you confirm early check in. airbnb's usually have people in before you, be prepared if you need to wait.
6 days can get a lot done, look at day trips if time, sites may be crowded with wait times, you still have to wait for security checks. know what you are dealing with. good luck

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DebVT posted about her trip with 10 in Spain under trip reports which may give you some ideas with logistics.

One of the things she did that you might consider is hiring private guides.

We were in Italy last summer with a group of seven. We found it easier (and cheaper) to prepare some simple meals in our apartments.

Also think about dividing up some of the time.

If I had six days in Rome, I would take a day trip to

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Seeing the Colosseum illuminated at night, the Capitoline Museums, the Pantheon, Vatican City (St. Peter’s Basilica and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel), Piazza del Popolo and exploring the Trastevere neighborhood.
I love Rome, especially walking around and discovering one water fountain after the other. From the Roma Termini train station, you can take a day trip to Orvieto (1h 15m).

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check out for getting your group around

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I went to Rome in 2019 with group of 6 adults (2 young adults). We spent 4 days in Rome and we felt rushed. Navigating with a large group does take some planning. Here are some of the things that I learned on that trip.

  • Transportation: for a larger group, taking a taxi is less stressful. For the 6 of us, we fit into a mini-van with carry-on luggage & backpacks, but for 9 you are likely going to need to vehicles. I would recommend this especially for going to and from the airport.
  • Planning: For a large group planning is much more complicated. I would recommend that you get the Rick Steves Guide Book and videos and share with your group and ask them to provide input on what they want to see and do in Rome. We did this and it was a good basis for not only including the big attractions, but planning for the special interests.
  • It is also worthwhile to determine how people in your group want to travel--early risers to beat the crowds or those who want to sleep in, folks who want to see everything and those who want to relax and people watch. If you stay together as a group the entire time, you will need to adjust the pace to slowest in your group. The other alternative is to do some things together and then split up during the day for others and rejoin in the evening to share stories.
  • Employ private guides--you have a large enough group and it makes all the difference in the world to have someone provide context on the sites you are visiting. I didn't do this consistently and found that I often had to be the tour guide for the group.
  • Eating--I would recommend a food tour. We took the Eating Europe Trastevere tour and it was one of the highlights of the trip. I would recommend taking it early in the trip so that you can go back to some of the restaurants. We took ours on the last day and my girls were so upset that they couldn't go back and get Suppli and I still hear about it to this day. Also, since you are in an AirBnB, there are great markets in Rome, so at least one night I would recommend taking a trip to the market and cooking something. We stayed in a hotel in Rome, so we couldn't, but we did it in other cities and it was so much fun.
  • Packing: discuss your packing strategies early. Since you are going to Rome and staying there (doing day trips), you can pack heavier. We convinced our friends to pack light and we were glad that we did.
  • Take your time for things to go wrong. With a larger group resolving issues just takes longer. From delayed trains to having my flights cancelled at the last minute and having to find flights and airport transport on the fly just took time. If there still are restrictions for COVID, make sure you have your plans outlined in case someone tests positive prior to your return.

Hope this helps.

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My experience with Rome is limited to 3 nights back in 2010; however, I have been to a number of other large European cities. What I'd do is spend the first few days in Rome itself visiting the major sites of interest. Then I'd take a take day trip to a nearby place that intrigues me. Then more Rome or another day trip depending on how I feel at the time. Your group may have different interests so don't be afraid to split up into smaller groups to do certain things. Have fun!

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Welcome to the Forum! I bet you'll be getting lots of very helpful suggestions. Maybe your group, including the kids, can use them to help you set your priorities and schedules. Be careful not to overload your days - you'll be too tired to enjoy your nights (Rome is so very different at night). Sensory overload can also be a problem - Rome was founded in 753 B.C.E. That makes it very old and there is lots of stuff still around from back then!

Getting around Rome on foot, for me, is the best part of the discovery. wear good walking shoes. Make sure everyone is dressed properly to enter the churches (cover your shoulders, no bare bellies, shorts down to the knees. Most of the art is in the churches so you don't want to be kept out. Sounds like you are all young enough to do lots of walking. That will only increase the discoveries. From where you are, you can walk to the Forum, to Trastevere, to the Piazza Navona area, the Jewish Ghetto. The Vatican may be a bit far unless you make it part of the day's itinerary. Buses from your area can be very helpful too. Using a transit pass can make it easier too. Remember, if you get tired of one century or culture, all you have to do is turn the corner and it's all different! Have a wonderful trip! Remember, gelato is a major food group that should be consumed at least once a day!!!

Day trips? Orvieto is beautiful. Ostia Antica is wonderful.

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Considering the size of your group and the luggage you'll have, considering a car service is a very good idea. The service we've used (and will use again) is Rome Cabs that was mentioned above. It is definitely a car service and not a taxi company despite the name. We send them an email detailing our needs (your may need a big van) and get an answer within 24 hours. Needless to say, we've always been pleased with their service.
This is the link to their site.