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Hey guys, didn't really consider this in the scheduling when I arranged and reserved the colosseo underground tour and borghese visits, but I scheduled the colosseo tour for saturday and the Borghese visit for Sunday. We're flying out on Monday. And tomorrow I was planning to do mostly Vatican stuff but was also interested in possibly visiting castle sant'angelo. Since I reserved the tours and told them I have the romapass, will that throw things off? Or if I wanted to visit the castle, would I just do that, then the colosseo on sat, then just pay a discounted rate for Borghese (opposed to visiting free if I were to nix the castle visit)? Just wondering if i should wait until Saturday to buy the romapass... Also, if i were to buy it now could i just use it for public transportation and not do any museum visits until later?

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Jeremy Your question exemplifies exactly why my wife and I didn't bother with the Roma Pass. It has far too many restrictions - I want to visit attractions when I want to visit them, not in some artificial order. And with two big price rises in 2 years there is now no way I would do it. Be aware, Jeremy, that the clocks for the museums and transportation (3 days ending at midnight the third day after first use) run together now. So if you start transportation anytime today (Thursday), the Roma Pass will only be good for anything for what is left of Thursday, all of Friday and Saturday until midnight when the Princess's carriage turns back into a pumpkin.

Posted by Bethanne
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If you want to see Castel first, use it with your Romapass, then get in free on Saturday for your Colosseum tour and then pay the discounted price for Borghese. They will see at the Borghese that it's been stamped twice and I would think they would just charge the discounted rate for entrance. The clock starts with either your first transit use or visitation of a site, it you start using it today, its gonna end on Saturday evening. We purchased the Romapass afternoon we arrived (Monday) and used it for the bus to the Borghese on tuesday and the Coleosseum, Roman Forum and Paletine Hill on Wednesday and had unlimited transportation for Tuesday-Thursday. I copy and pasted this from their site: How to use it: The overleaf form must be filled with name, surname and validation date
the card is valid for three days and is activated at the time of the first entry to the museums/sites, and/or at the first journey on public transport, up until midnight of the third day, including the day of the activation It is validated on the first visited site/museum and/or the first journey on the city's public transport network Direct access for the first 2 sites. From the 3rd site onwards please apply to the ticket office for concession; It must be produced along with your identity papers when required by the staff in charge Hope this helps.

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The price of entry for the Castel sant angelo is 12 euros while the entry for the Borghese gallery is 11 euros so it makes more sense to use the free entries for the castel sant angelo and the colosseum. It won't make a difference as far as how you pay. They'll scan the pass and tell you what you own them. Once you validate it the first time, either on public transport or at a site, the pass becomes valid and your 3 days start. Donna

Posted by Jeremy
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Thanks all! Is there anything besides the castle that you guys think would be more interesting and worthwhile? Like the Capitoline museum perhaps? So much to choose from...

Posted by donna
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It really depends on what you find interesting but I like both and it would be hard to choose only one. If you have the time to see both then I would and use the romapass to get the discounts. Donna

Posted by Denise
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I used the Roma Pass first for transportation on a bus. The machine wouldn't validate the card. I just wrote the date and time on it instead. I don't know if that is usual or not.

Posted by donna
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You don't validate the card, you wave it over the sensor to activate it. It doesn't need to be stamped anymore. Donna