"Roman Holiday" Mouth of Truth

From the movie Roman Holiday. Where is that? I need to stick my boyfriend's hand in it, ha ha. Also, do they have the dancing barges on the Tiber like in the movie too?

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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They do something along that line during the summer months. As always the hollywood version is the hollywood version.

Posted by Zandy
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It's in Rick's Rome book under Rome with Children. It's called la Bocca della Verita in Italian.

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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I would suggest hitting it early in the morning, we wandered by a couple times, in February, and there was always a line of people doing the photo op. There are also a couple well preserved temples nearby and it is close to the river and the Jewish Ghetto

Posted by Connie
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Walk past the two flights of steps going up to Capitol Hill and keep walking a few blocks south. It's behind an iron fence in the front portico of a church. There was a line but it moved quickly with strangers taking each other's pictures.

It's not easy to find and not on many maps nor did I ever see any signs, even though I was looking for them. This website shows a map. Print off the satellite version.