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Roma Pass needed for kids?

We are taking our 3 kids ages 15, 13, and 10 to Rome and Paris. Do we need to buy the Roma pass for the kids? There was no info on their website. I don't think we need a Museum pass for them in Paris.

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Yes, if you are from the US.
Children from the EU get discounts, but not US children.
And the ticket clerks asked me where I was from when I asked about a child's discount both at the Colosseum and the Gallery Borghese. They wouldn't give US children the discount. So we had to pay the full fare for the children.

It would have been cheaper to get them Roma Passes. (with the included bus passes -- although our 9 year old was free on the buses.) Our three children are 14, 12, and 9.

The Vatican gave the children a discount and the 9 year old was free at the Vatican. But the Vatican is not included in the Roma Pass.

In Paris, children under 18 are FREE at the museums. You do not need to buy a pass for them.
Also, Carte Orange weekly metro passes were cheaper at the full rate for the children (16 euros) then the child's week Paris Visite Pass.