Roma Pass and or Omnia Card

We will be in Rome for 5 days in September. Is the Roma Pass still worth it? If so should we step up to the Omnia Card? We plan on a tour of the Vatican with Vatican Tours Inc. We are plan on seeing most of the sites mentioned with these cards. Thank you.

Posted by Doug
Hermiston, OR, USA
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Donna and Nigel, Thank you for your input.

Posted by donna
cranberry twp, PA, United States
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The omnia card is a waste of money. There is no way possible to get your money's worth in just 3 days with that pass. Also, if you do the research you'll see that the omnia pass charges you for free sites as well as overcharging you for pay sites when they try to justify their price. Also, the Vatican gardens are closed until further notice which isn't mentioned by the card but is offered by the card.
You'll be much better off with the romapass and booking a tour of the vatican museums on your own. You'll save a lot of money and you'll be able to spread the sites out over the 5 days that you have instead of going at a crazy pace and trying to cram everything into three days. We did a breakdown of costs on the TA website if you would care to look. Donna

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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I absolutely agree with Donna. If you could indeed use the Omnia over your 5 days it might (just might) begin to pay for itself. To try to fly around all the stuff in the less than 3 days they give you, you would have to be superhuman. No matter if you are speaking about the Roma Pass or the Omnia Pass, they both start the first time they are used on a covered transportation or at the first attraction visited, whichever is first, and they both expire at midnight of the third day. The Roma Pass has now gone up in price again, twice in as many years. We just returned from a week in Rome - not our first time - and while we considered the Roma Pass at its recent price of €30 we decided against it opting to get a 7 day transit pass and went into various places we hadn't previously considered, including the Palazzo / Galeria Colonna which isn't included on any passes because it is still private - and well worth a Saturday morning visit.