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Roma Pass and Open 110 Bus

Does anyone know if the Open 110 bus is included in the Roma Pass transportation, or does it need to be purchased seperately? Thanks! Brenda

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It is a separate purchase... I believe it is E16 now for a 24 hour hop on-hop off pass but if YOU ARE a Roma Pass holder it is discounted to E13 for the ticket.


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I would be looking at different options than the 110 bus, the commentary was very ordinary and would not recommend it. Except for the 110 bus we walked everywhere around Rome and didnt feel the need to catch a bus.

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I have a different opinion from the above post, which makes the world go round. The 110 HOHO bus covers over 80 sightseeing destinations with an audio guide. It gives a wonderful overview of the sights. Sit on top in front for the best views. The loop will take about 2.5 hours. You can catch it at the Termini station. After your loop, you can take teh Metro to most of the sights that interest you. Do some pre planning. Purchase a few guide books. Each will give you a different persepective on the same sights.