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Roma pass and Florence card

Hi, Is it OK to purchase the Roma pass and Florence card at TIs after I get into each city? Or should I purchase days in advance somewhere else? Thanks,

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I've been deciding about the Florence card for my next trip and decided to just get it when I'm there. Figure you have to go to the office and show ID anyway to get the hard copy of the why bother ahead of time? Still have to go to the IT office. Cards don't start until your first use, so no rush in any case.

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Just buy them when you get there. If you arrive at the main train station in Florence (Santa Maria Novella), go to the TI across the street from the train station - they are very helpful there. The card is expensive at 50 Euros, but if you are there for 3 days it is useful as it covers nearly all the museums + the buses. Also allows you to avoid the sometimes long line-ups at the Uffizi and the Accademia.
The Roma Pass is sold at numerous places such as the airport and main train station plus many Tabacci shops. Note that while the (excellent) Galleria Borghese is covered by the Roma Pass, you still need to get a reservation. Easiest way is to get your hotel or B&B to call ahead for you and get the reservation number.