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Has anyone purchased this pass? And what activities are included in the price and which ones are discounted?

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We bought the RomaPass when in Italy about a month ago. Well worth the price and it was nice not having to buy a bus ticket every time you wanted to go somewhere.

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We just bought the Roma Pass last Saturday. You can get most of the information you need from the website the other post gave you. For the 20 euro cost, you get your first two entries free--choose the more expensive ones. We went to the Colosseum and Palatine Hill (one entry) first then Borghese Gallery second. We actually ended up skipping the other participating locations (Capitoline Museum, National Museum) but we used the Metro pass several times which made the purchase worth it. You will get a plastic Roma Pass, a paper metro card good for 3 days, a map of Rome, and an events brochure--all packaged in a small folder. Suggestion: The guided tour in English of the Forum is 3.50 euro and well worth it. Meeting times are listed on a booth at the side entrance to Palatine Hill (beside Forum).

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My cousin and I both got them. We did the colosseum, and several museums. We used the metro frequently and didnt have to wait in lines. It was worth the price and it paid for itself after the second museum.

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I bought a Roma Pass last month; used my first two entries for Palatine Hill and Colosseum and I felt I'd made my money already by being able to skip the line at the Colosseum sinc eI had the pass. Discounted admission at the Capitoline museum was just icing on the cake after that.