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RIP-OFF Apartment Agencies in Rome...Who are they?

Hello All,

I'm down to the last few days here. After literally spending weeks,'s going on a month now, sitting in front of this computer, hour after hour, day by day, researching apartments, agencies, availability for next week in Rome....I'm more confused than ever and STILL don't have our apartment.

The six hour time change has screwed everything up; when I'm ready and alert, they've closed for the day. When they're up and at 'em, I'm in bed.

Plus I've read horror stories or postings on Forums about "don't rent from this place" or "don't give your credit card to this place."

Right now I NEED AN APARTMENT near Navona, June 18-25 for 2 adult ladies. We need a kitchen for cooking, and 2nd floor max if no elevator. Oh, yes, and another need: A/C.

Did I mention I want it all for under 900 Euros for the week? Yeh, I can almost hear you laughing...

Any help, direction, advice.....anything?


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Have you tried Or some of the European websites like

I found places on VRBO and even Craigslist, but face it, all the good/cheap places for next week are GONE!

Good luck!

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Thanks Jayne...

Yes, I've tried CraigsList, VRBO, Dolce, SleepInItaly....on and on. For over a month, all day long, every day.....

I'm just having a horrid time finding or deciding on a place. And now it's too late and I'm panicking. Since I'm usually so good at making arrangements, and used to being in charge and organizing everything and everyone around me, I'm at a loss for what to do next with this mess. Other that send out a plea for help online....


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We rented the sister apt. which is bigger but the owner was a sweetheart and it is only 2 blocks from the Piazza Navona in a very quiet non touristy neighbourhood. You have to book it thru the Rome B&B assoc. You will have to fax a form but they get booked quickly. They were reliable and prompt.
I think we used our credit card for the down payment and the rest we paid in cash to the owner. The apt we stayed in which has a common entrance with this one was great. It is the second floor(USA) and had high ceilinngs and was really cool even in summer.
Good luck!
Web site:

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Try We've used them before with success. They have 96 apartments in the Piazza Navona of them must be free for your time frame.

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Your money will go a lot farther if you move away from the Piazza Navona area. The Prati area is very nice and not far from Navona. Why don't you e-mail or fax agencies if the time difference is causing problems. You're asking alot on short notice - all the good apartments are gone.

Apartment reviews:

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We just returned and used italy-accom, which covers 3 or 4 major cities and the Tuscan countryside. For rome use We rented 4 apartments from them, one each big three cities and one in Tuscan countryside. They were reputable.

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Here is the apartment where we stayed in Rome. It is in Campo dei Fiori which is very very close to Piazza Navonna. Wonderful place with wonderful owners. Highly recommended.

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In response to SamSn: I HAVE been emailing—for a month now. I've completed so many "request availability" forms, entered my travel dates so many times, typed my name, address and every other thing required to send a simple email to find out if a simple apartment is even open, that I'm fried.

Yes, they've all responded. Twenty-four hours later. By that time, I can't remember which property they refer to, so I tap their link, review the place, & respond—in email. I tried keeping a list, but that soon got out of hand.

None of their offerings fit my parameters for whatever reason: dates not quite right, some other little charge not mentioned, but mostly because "the apartment you requested is not available, but we have these...."

So, yes—I have been emailing. I'm sick of emails and responding via email. Yet when I call—no one answers. Or, if they do, I'm not permitted to talk to any agent, but mine is "not here presently."

I've become the crazy lady you see here.


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Well its probably too late to get organized but when I was on an apartment search in March for places in 4 Italian cities for a May trip I devised a essential checklist on a separate piece of paper for each apartment (must haves: washer, a/c, internet). Esy to keep tabs this way . I'll guess I made 50 inquiries. Many times the specific apartment was not available, 3 out of the 4 times I took an alternative they suggested, also I had to be a bit flexible on dates (for example the first night in Rome I stayed in a B&B until the apartment was ready.) It was a trying process but all the apartments were just wonderful, so much better than a hotel.

So dont dismiss any alternatives that they suggest. This is how I lucked into a darling apartment in Cinque Terre--the person I contacted said " contact the friend of my friend.....and I did.)

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I know exactly how you feel !!! Been through that too. Most places didn't even bother to reply to my queries.

I ended up using and they proved reliable, answered emails and even answered the phone when I called.

Apartment wasn't very nice, but I got what I paid for.

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We have booked an apartment in Rome through

We paid our deposit for our trip at Christmas 2007. As far as we know they are a reputable agency (we looked online & they were recommended by many people).

On their web site you can look at apartments in the area and price range you would like. They also list the amenaties - such as a washing machine - which we wanted.

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Try cross-pollinate. It's run by an american couple who run the beehive in Rome and you should be able to find something through them. Although, for your price, it will probably be closer to the train station then Piazza Navona.