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Rick Steves Monti/Rome Restaurants

Because I don't "belong" to Facebook I don't know how to post a link to it. But we had the good fortune to discover there, that Rick has just kindly posted his "raw data" on restaurants, bakeries, and gelato in the well-located Monti neighborhood of Rome, the day before we arrived in Rome. His comments were on target, and a big help for great food on a budget. I'm going to guess that Monti will have its own section by the time he revises the Rome and Italy books. Thanks Rick!

Imagine our surprise to discover (from a tableside neighbor) that L'Assino d'Oro is also on Mario Batali's current 5-best in Rome list. And it's 10 to 18 Euros a plate. Really nice staff, too. (I don't mean to say that I slavishly follow celebrity chefs - it's just a confirmation that it's worth a visit.)

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HI Tim,
I am glad you had a chance to explore the Monti district.

Monti has long been a open secret in Rome. Over the past decade it has moved from a sleepy village within the city to a sleek destination. It was interesting to see the transformation unfold before my eyes. I started renting apartments in Monti about 15 years ago because that was a pretty cheap part of Rome, compared to other districts. I could get a little apartment for about 30 euro a night, for up to two people. Now those same apartments are lived in by people who want to be in the "happening" part of town.

The sense of community continues to feel strong there; last summer the night the road around the Colosseo was closed, the neighborhood was one street party that lasted long into the night. Right outside my window there was a group of opera singers performing, with crowds everywhere!

As much as I do like the Monti district (transport to and from there is wonderful) it has changed. I now look at Pigneto for rentals, but they are few and far between!

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The best thing about "Monti" is that it is less crowded during the peak of travel season. There are good restaurants all over Rome regardless of the district, and even in more crowded areas, quiet side streets offer great opportunities. We had good food in Rick's new recommended area, but discovered our own 'finds' too.