Rick Steve's Italy 2013 - Fiesole

In Rick Steve's Italy 2013 book regarding Sights in Fiesole p. 530 where it describes "For similar views and a peek at residential Fiesole, climb up the opposite side of the square, along the road hugging the ridgeline" What is the name of the "square" and "road"?

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I should read the full paragraph to be sure. Certainly the Piazza he's talking about is Piazza Mino da Fiesole, which is the main piazza where the Cathedral is.
From there you can see a nice view of Florence by going two ways. One is the popular view from San Francesco. It's a very steep walking road that goes up from next the front of the cathedral. You can't go wrong, you'll see lots of tourists going up and down that road. Just walk up and eventually on the left side there is a little park with benches where Florentines take girls to smooch in the evening. Actually the view from Fiesole is nicer at night, with all the Florence city lights, because it's kind of too far from Florence to see the monuments from a distance (the best daily view is from Forte Belvedere actually). Another view (maybe that's the one RS was referring to) is from the road that takes you to the Monte Ceceri park. From the opposite side of the church, take via Verdi up eventually take via Monte Ceceri up. I've done it in my Vespa many times, since I had a University friend who lived on via Verdi. It's a very narrow ancient road. There are walls (and villas) on both sides but there are spots where the wall is low and you can see the view. But it's no different than the view you can see from San Francesco.

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I think that's it! He must be talking about the opposite side of Piazza Mino down the Via Giuseppe Verdi Rd. Thanks for your reply!