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Revised itinerary ideas post F1 trip

So still a few gaps and after some advice on whether to do day trips organised or not and/or hiring a car etc and also one missing day or maybe the alternative to using bases and day trips is to hire car and sort an itinerary from bologna onwards taking in pistoia, volterra and san gimignano, sienna, orvieto down to castell gandolfo maybe with a few a couple of other stop offs during the travel down?what do people think?
So I itinerary without a car
6 f Arrive
7 s Milan Grand Prix
8 s Milan Grand Prix
9 m Milan Milan
10 t Travel to Bologna by train stay in Bologna or Parma?
11 w Ferrara Day trip from Bologna or Parma
12 t Ravenna Day trip from Bologna or Parma?
13 f Parma or Modena? Day Trip from Bologna or Parma?
14 s Travel to Florence Florence
15 s Sienna Day trip from Florence or rail and stay in Sienna??
16 m ???? Missing day ideas?? Orvieto??
17 t San Gimiglano and Volterra organised day trip from either florence or sienna rather than hire a car????
18 w Castell Gandolfo organised day trip from rome rather than hire car????
19 t Rome
20 f Rome
21 s fly home

Alternatively if you guys have ideas for hire car itinerary between Bologna and rome I thought pistoia then sienna onto san gimagno and volterra onto Orvieto then onto Castell Gandolfo before dropping the car off at campino airport to travel into Rome by rail for the last 2 days? Would need to some ideas of where to stay etc though with the car and if this itinerary is ok and if we need to add or take away anything etc? Also recommendations re hotels etc greatly appreciated.

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