Revised Guidebook Chapters on Vernazza & Monterosso

We are leaving for Italy Monday and will be staying in Manarola for two nights. I noticed that RS published revised guidebook chapters for Vernazza & Monterosso on the website. My question: Are the restaurants & activities listed in the revised chapters the ones that are CURRENTLY operating, or the ones that will HOPEFULLY be operating as the summer progresses? In other words, if we go to Vernazza hoping to eat at one of the restaurants listed in the revised chapters, can we reasonably expect it to be open?

Posted by Nigel
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Its a shame its the weekend and you are leaving right after or I would have said call ETBD and ask them.

Posted by Ken
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Delecia, For a list of the restaurants and other businesses that are open in both towns, have a look at the following links: Monterosso Vernazza AFAIK, the lists are fairly current but they're being uppdated on a regular basis. Conditions in Vernazza are still somewhat a "work in progress", but local residents are working hard to recover from the flood. Both towns are open for business, and anxious to welcome visitors back. The old town section of Monterosso is virtually back to normal, so most businesses there will be open as usual. Happy travels!

Posted by Swan
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Based on my trip to the CT last month, I would eat and sleep in Monterosso. Some businesses appeared to be open in Vernazza, but most of the main street was deeply in need of repairs. The farmacia was open, and some businesses at the harbor. Monterosso appeared to be much repaired, including the main restaurants on the lower levels of the old town. The children's playground at piazza Garibaldi lacked any play equipment, but the cafes in that area were open. Mueble Agavi (small hotel) which is located between old and new towns was open for business. The restaurant on the beach opposite the Agavi was open and appeared unaffected by the flood.

Posted by Delecia
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Thanks for all your suggestions. Since we are staying in Manarola (a town we fell in love with in 1994) I think we'll be OK. We will check things out in the other villages, of course, and try to contribute to the economy as we can. Maybe I'll post a report when we get back.

Posted by David
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Delecia, Great idea to stay in Manarola. We just got back from CT, and Vernazza is a building site. I intend to post something on Rick Steves' admonition to stay and eat in Vernazza to help them out. I think that's fine to do if you've got plenty of time, and you will be returning each year like RS does, but for those of us who can't afford that luxury it's really no fun in Vernazza trying to dodge the heavy equipment in the main street, or to eat amongst the diesel fumes in the main square. My 2 cents is that this is a chance for places in Manarola, Riomaggiore and Corniglia to get a piece of the action that Vernazza has been hogging all these years!! I posted a post on hiking the CT with the trails being all messed up, if you are interested. Cheers!

Posted by Trina
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Make sure to visit This is a great website with all the updated info. Most places are open in Monterosso according to the website. A true miracle. Ciao!