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Return fax from Vatican Museum Tour ????

I faxed a request for a tour, 12:00 or 14:00, Date, 2 persons. Name and return fax number. Received a fax back. It is a copy of my fax, with initials in the upper right corner "F.B." and the date in the lower left corner "15/10". Is this my reservation????

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This doesn't sound like what we got back...I still have my copy and in the top left corner of my fax that came in was a Vatican logo/symbol and in the right corner was a box that said "From Office for Guided Tours"

The fax number listed on this page was

and it went on to say

Dear Sir/Madam
We want to inform you that we have booked 2 tickets for the guided tour........etc (with the time/date)

So, I'd try again!

Tom and Sherry
Steger, IL

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We also got a form back that was clear we had gotten reservations. In my original fax I included the name of each family member and that we wanted an English tour. I don't know if that info would help, but I agree with previous advice-try again.

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Thank you. You are correct. Today another fax came in with a stamp "we are sorry....fully booked." I guess someone in the Museum discovered they forgot to tell me one way or the other. Now, to find another way in without the wait in line.

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Hello. We just got back from Italy and had a wonderful time. Not sure if it is too late already, but we had the same concern about waiting in line. Rick suggested going in the afternoon; we did (2:30 or so on Tues), and we walked right in without waiting at all.