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Rethinking our Piedmont base

Originally thought La Rosa Gialla beyond Barolo was to be it. In fact, it was our spot for the 2020 vacation. People have mentioned that being between Asti and Alba is better and with my husband probably the only one driving..standard would shorten the trip to Piedmont and then onward to Lake Garda by 15 minutes or more. Have also read that the last kilometres to La Rosa have freaked people out. :-) Found La Cascina del Monastero but then discovered it is only 2.5 miles from La Rosa. Why change for that, right? We will spend 3-4 nights and probably do a tour one of the days, visit Alba, etc. AC with atmosphere a must.

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Looking at the google road view near La Rosa Gialla, I do not see anything worthy of a "freaked out' description.

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You know reviews. I mean we all check them out. Do you think it is well based for exploring Piedmont...lots of pluses to the property for us . but it seems at the bottom end of all we wish to visit?

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You are overthinking this, really.

Take reviews as a way no to be taken off guard, but do not worry till the moment you read one saying "poor uncle Ben died of an hearth attack while driving up there and we couldn't ask anyone for help".

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Watching pictures and websites the Cascina del Monastero seems much more charming: an old building in the countryside. The Rosa Gialla seems a modern building in the village.