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Restricted Zones

Another question regarding the restricted zones in Italy. Does anyone know if the driving directions given by mapquest avoid the dreaded zones mentioned in this forum? We will be picking up our rental car from Hertz in Florence and driving to Figline Valdarno (Tuscany) for three nights. We got driving directions from mapquest that routes us around the city to A1 the Auto strada. Should we feel safe that these directions will automatically avoid the zones, of course we'll still be on the look out for the signs and cameras. Thanks!

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My TomTom GPS routed me around restricted zones. I highly recommend taking a GPS system. I don't know if Garmin and Nuvi have this information (restricted zones). TomTom definitely does along with the speed limits (and it dings at you if you exceed them), speed camera locations and gas station locations. Best investment I ever made.

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It took me several days, driving in the south, to work out that an arrow pointing left to indicate a town, actually meant straight ahead on most, but not all occasions. I did a lot of circle driving ;-)