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Reschedule Florence Trip

I have to reschedule my trip to Florence. Any idea if things will be better/safer in late autumn?


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Right now I think we need to have a vaccine to have this under control.

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No one knows but we aren’t considering anything until next year. It’s unlikely to have gone away completely by the autumn.

It’s going to be a while until government’s change their travel recommendations and your travel insurance isn’t likely to cover you against this going forward.

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I think it will be better than today as far as all the deaths on Italy, but I don’t think the world will be recovered by then. I think there will be restrictions on certain countries, the U.S. being one of them.

My trip is in September. I’m not cancelling my air yet in hopes if my prediction is true, I won’t have to pay change fees. But honestly, I don’t think it’s going to happen. I wouldn’t rebook yet.

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The shape of the curve of cases in Italy is a good guide. Do your own research (this is a good website: Track it over time, look at where it's going week-by-week. So far, it's been on an astronomical upward trajectory (for example, it went from about 17k to 53k in just 7 days recently, now it's 59k a day or so later). When it stabilizes and then starts to reverse course, that will be only the beginning sign of improvement.

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We are in the same situation. We were intending to travel to Sicily in May, now thinking of October, but it is too early for us to know whether this is even possible.


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We were intending to travel to Sicily in May, now thinking of October,

One thought: just think about how many others who have had March, April, May trips cancelled. and fully expect to lose the summer window, too, who are hoping for an October reschedule - I see a lot of that wishful thinking on this forum, can only imagine it is common thinking among all who have been affected, not to mention all of the people already holding on to trips scheduled in October which is a very popular travel month.

Whether you think it is even possible to reschedule later this year, this is what is going on, and a half year+ of cancelled trips can't all take place in October.