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Replacement for Alitalia?

Hello, I am so excited to be traveling to Italy next month. I would like to fly from FCO (Rome) to either Turin or Milan at the end of October. It looks like Alitalia is ending service on October 15th. I have been searching online to see if there is any company flying directly between Italian cities, but haven't found anything. Anyone have any info about airlines flying inter-Italy?

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It would be much easier to take the train. Just over 3 hours to Milan, just over 4.5 hours to Turin. City center to city center.

By air, city center to city center will take approximately 4.5 hours to Milan about an hour more to Turin.

The train is the way to go.

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I would like to fly

Why? Maybe you'll be already at FCO for other reasons?

Otherwise do as suggested above and take a train, you can't find many flights because almost everybody takes high speed trains.

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Voting with Frank and Dario: train is the way to go. What with some air uncertainty, it's a solid choice PLUS no need to arrive early for security, no bag charges, etc. Trains also tend to depart/arrive in city centers versus ports located on the fringes, saving even more time, and can save some $ in ground transport as well.

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I guess the reason you're not finding any flights is that most people travelling between Rome and Milan take the train. My guess is that Alitalia mostly operated those flights for connecting passengers.

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Flying will certainly take longer than the train once you factor in the time necessary to/from the airports and the long check-in/security/boarding procedures necessary for air travel. Neither Rome Fiumicino airport, nor Milan Malpensa or Milan Bergamo airports are near the city centers.

Milan Linate is close to the city center, but only Alitalia flies there from Rome and I'm not sure what is going on with the transition to ITA, since there are a lot of disputes with the Labor Unions already, due to the impending mass layoffs after the Alitalia's demise (and ITA's plan to make them all re-apply for the jobs which will be available at ITA).

Take the train. Faster, cheaper, more reliable, and more convenient

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While this doesn’t answer your flying question, since so many have mentioned the train, we just arrived in Italy the day before yesterday. From Termini Centrale station in downtown Rome, we took an Italo train. It was going 150 MPH at times. Cost to Bologna was €116 for one senior and one regular adult fare. Train only stopped momentarily in Florence, then at Bologna, before continuing to Milan and then Turin - limited stops. Much of it was thru tunnels - totally dark, although with occasional glimpses of Umbrian and Tuscan countryside. Still took a while to get farther north - 2 hours and 20 minutes for Bologna, but it had comfortable seats, a clean restrooms on with a worthless “air” hand dryer, and you could get up and move about the barely occupied car on he morning train. Even had Italian movie on overhead screens - bring your own plug-in headphones. Conductor asked to see our vaccination documentation, along with train ticket receipt. Ticket seller did not ask to see proof of vaccination. Masks were obligatory onboard.

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Grazie Mille to everyone for your replies. You have all convinced me - the train it is!