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renting an rv in Italy

Does anyone have any experience with renting an rv in Italy and traveling the country? Was it a good experience-would it be better to use trains?

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We have travelled twice in Italy, both times for extended periods, once in 2004 and again in 2006.
While we have never driven there, we can tell you that many of the most worthwhile places are offlimits to large vehicles and that the price of benzina or gazoil(gas or diesel) is MUCH more than in US.So, unless you are very rich, trains are a far better option.

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Hi Steve.. Paul and Sara are absolutley correct. I would encourage you to rethink your RV idea.. the roads are NOT made for large vehicles..Traversing the narrow,, curvy highways that lead to the most interesting places is not only scary.. it's very dangerous.. There are many small vehicles, bikes and motorcycles and they seem to demand the right of way. You might be bigger.. but you will be terrorized.The public transportation system is excellent, efficient and inexpensive. PLUS you will be able to see so much more than just tail lights, cars aiming for you and screaming motorists.

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My brother's girlfriend grew up in Germany, and her family wouild pak into their VW Vanogan and travel all over Europe. I have also noticed the RV campgrounds in some of the EU counties, and the RV's, which are all small, by our "US standards".

But, I have no idea how they maneuver those things thru some of the small towns. A Vanogan, no problemo, but anything way would I attempt it! We had a hard enough time driving our rented Lancia minivan thru some of these areas on our trip a few weeks ago.

If you do not have any experience driving in Italy, I would stay away. But, the Italians and others do it, so if you have nerves of steel, go for it!

Just think of the stories you could tell after that trip!