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Renting a car in Florence

We are traveling to Italy in September. I would like to rent a car in Florence and then spend several days in a villa in Chianti or San Gimignano to explore the beautiful Tuscan countryside. How difficult is it to get a rental car out of Florence without making a traffic blunder? We will be arriving and leaving Florence via train. I see several car rentals nearby, but I'm also hearing many complaints about renting a car. We have driven in Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and France. I'm not concerned with getting around outside of Florence. I just need advice on the best place to rent a car for a quick escape. Thanks!

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I rented a car from Hertz (through AutoEurope), and picked it up on Sansovino--2 miles from the train station by taxi. They gave me a map that took me out of town (to the south) far from the downtown ZTL.
You could take a bus out to the airport, but rental cars picked up in any airport will always have additional taxes and/or tolls that city rentals might not have.
If you can handle a car successfully in Ireland, you'll find the roads of Tuscany a breeze. They're well paved and well marked but just crooked. ZTL's are easily spotted in cities, but most are not as comprehensive as the ZTLs in Florence.
I got hit for a ticket going out to Venice on the causeway by a radar/camera for 1.8 mph over the 35 mph speed limit. The fine was worth every cent.

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We rented a car from the Florence airport using Auto Europe (our go-to-rental consolidator for Europe) and had a rental car from Hertz. Note that I am Hertz Gold and I got a significantly lower rate from Auto Europe. We chose the airport because we were heading south and we knew we would not accidentally hit a ZTL zone. It was less than 5 minutes to the motorway.

Driving was a breeze in Tuscany, parking more of a challenge with a SUV. We used WAZE which has good information about traffic cameras and this helped us to avoid speeding issues. I was joking with my friend last night in dinner that this was the first time driving in Europe (France, Italy, UK) that we didn’t get a ticket :)


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We did same as David- Hertz thru AutoEurope at the Sansovino location. Super easy- we took a cab there from our hotel - headed south- no problems, and driving in Tuscany was a breeze.

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While a taxi is often more convenient, you can also take the T1 tram to the Sansovino Hertz location. The Sansovino tram stop is literally in front of the Hertz location.

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There is no risk renting in the city center. All rental companies are now located at the Garage Europa, a multistory parking structure, on Borgo Ognissanti, practically at the corner with Via Curtatone.

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I agree with Roberto. The auto Europa website has great directions and google maps keeps you out of the ZTL

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I rented from a company (Hertz?) located at the Garage Europa on Borgo Og... and they gave me very clear directions, with a printed map, on how to drive south out of town (toward Montepulciano) without encountering any dreaded ZTL zones. It worked well. They also gave me directions, with a map, of how to drive back into town to bring the car back to that location. This was 4 years ago; I didn't have a GPS at that time.