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Renting a car

We are spending 4 days in Sorrento and then going to Montepulciano for another 4 days, then on to Florence. We want to rent a car after leaving Sorrento to drive around Tuscany and then drop the car in Florence. Where would you recommend us picking up the rental car from after leaving the Amalfi coast? We could take a train to Naples, Rome or Florence . Not sure which would be easiest to rent and drive from, Naples, Rome, or going all the way to Florence and then drive back down to Montepulciano? Or maybe there is somewhere else that would be easier? We need to rent an automatic, so probably not a small rental company. Any advice?

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Your best bet for an automatic is at a larger agency city location
I’d train to Florence and pick up there, that will eliminate the drop off fee
Agencies are all next to the station

Be sure to do your homework about driving in Italy
All drivers must have an IDP along with you actual drivers license

We always book our cars thru

There are many many threads here about renting cars in Florence and driving in Italy
A couple of forum searches will bring them up

Here is one:

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The places people commonly rent cars for exploring Tuscany are Orvieto or Chiusi (train station Chiusi-Chianciano) since they are close to Montepulciano and most of the driving is rural. I believe Orvieto now has only a Hertz rental agency so Chiusi may have more flexibility in choice. You can easily fast train to Rome and then catch a slower train from Rome to either of these cities.

Rick has a heart of Tuscany drive that starts near Orvieto, loops past Lake Bolsena and mostly follows the S22 up through Siena which I've done but the whole area is beautiful so exploring however you wish is fine.

I think the suggestion of renting in Florence is solid since you can fast train directly there and it may cost you less which is a real consideration. You can also look north of Naples or Rome and drive more but unless you really have things you want to see between Naples and Rome I would look closer to Tuscany and concentrate the driving where is pretty and not just a highway.
Avoid driving in a large Italian city to save your sanity.

Tuscany is as beautiful as advertised, have a great trip,

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I use (a consolidator) to rent cars in Europe. They work with the major rental companies.

The closest to Montepulciano would be Chiusi. However there is only an Avis-Budget franchise there. Check AutoEurope for rates. You can reach Chiusi by train.

Orvieto is next closest. There is only Hertz, but Auroeurope doesn’t work with that Franchise (poor customer service I guess).

The closest to you would be Sorrento. Europcar, Hertz, Avisbudget all have offices there. If you don’t mind the 5-6 hour drive to Montepulciano, that would be convenient.

If you go to Florence, know that you would need to backtrack 1.5 hours back south to Montepulciano.

Your choice. I would probably opt for pick up in Sorrento and drop off at Florence, but depends on price too.