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Recently back from a great trip to Rome. However I wanted to put in a word to discourage my fellow travelers using Avoid them. Had an 11-night rental there. Their VRBO listing which is how I found them originally misrepresented the apartments. (The listings may be a tad more accurate on their website itself, versus their VRBO postings.) Note: the place I rented in December has since been removed from VRBO, otherwise I would have given this review there, as well. It was definitely tough communicating with, that should have tipped me off more. They wouldn't acknowledge that we wanted a washer/dryer, as promised (it was our main criteria after great location and cleanliness), yet the apartment didn't have one when we arrived. Also didn't have the promised dishwasher. Bottom line, there are hundreds of wonderful affordable options in Rome so I advise you to look elsewhere. Cheers.

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