Rental Return to Rome Fumi

Will we be in heavy traffic and/or confusing road directions if we return our rental car at the Rome airport? Or is it far enough from the city that we will avoid city traffic? Would it be better to drop it at a nearby town and take a bus or cab to the airport?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Where will you be coming from and at what time do you expect to be around Rome?

Posted by Gordon
Portland, Oregon, United States
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Fiumicino (FCO) is easy to drop a car. Convenient.

Posted by RB
Coraopolis, Pa, USA
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It is very easy to return a car at Fiumicino Airport. The car rental companies are located in a multi level garage and then you walk across the skyway to the main terminal. Buon viaggio,

Posted by Con
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Thanks to all of you for your replies to my question! It's reassuring to know our car return at the Rome airport before flying back to the U.S. won't be difficult.

Posted by Skip
Atlanta, Ga
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Like most big cities inUS, there is a building garage for the rental companies. Like the US just follow the signs. Interstate type highway straight to the airport. Since road basically ends at airport, there is not a lot of traffic compared to closer to Rome.