Rental of Tuscan Farmhouse

I am planning a trip with about friends and we'd like to rent a farmhouse in Tuscany for a week. We would prefer to rent an entire building, but understand that this may not possible. Another alternative would be to rental multiple rooms in a farmhouse. We would like to have a kitchen and dining area so that we could cook and eat dinners at the house. The location in Tuscany is negotiable, but we prefer to be near a train line or other public transportation. If anyone has knowledge of either type of rental, please give your recommendations. Thanks,

Posted by Beatrix
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How many of you are there? We were also looking for a house to rent for our group of 6 but for budget reasons ended up renting an apartment in a small agriturismo with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, and a swimming pool that we shared with only 1 other family (most days it was just us). We found it through this website which has a very good search function for your individual needs:

Posted by Nick
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We will probably have 8-10 people. How were the logistics using Did the website accurately describe and depict your rental? Has anyone else rented a property in Tuscany with this service or any other service? Nick

Posted by Mike
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Agriturismo Cretaoile isn't near train line but it does have the accommodations you desire. It's just outside Pienza,

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My first experience renting a villa for a group (when I didn't know what I was doing) I used ParkerVillas with great success. It was a little more expensive, but there was more detail up front and a little more "hand holding" throughout the process with the reassurance that if anything went downhill, help was a phone call away. Since then I've been fine with VRBO rentals directly from owners. Once the extra expense is spread out among 8 or 10 people, it doesn't add much, but it's much less stressful for the one who's feeling responsible for the happiness of all those other travelers!
For Tuscany/Umbria you really should think about some rental cars. Those farmers never seem to buy land very near the train stations!

Posted by Leslie
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Check out too. I use them once or twice a year but not in Tuscany yet. Friends did about a year ago with great success. I have only rented apartments in Siena and a B&B stay in the middle of nowhere so far. You pay a bit of a premium for them because they are picky about the properties they represent but spread out among 8-10 people, it would be small in terms of what you get back. They are very honest about the pros and cons of each place. I just email them my location, dates, needs, and budget and they send me a list of places back. They also can arrange any activities or transportation you may need help with and get you as close to a train station as possible in Tuscany. Enjoy your trip!

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I suggest you check There are sooo many Tuscany listings.

Posted by David
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Tuscan farms are often not very many acres, and the region predominantly grows grapes for wine and olives for oil. Farmers have discovered that providing accommodations is a good secondary source of income. With virtually every farm in Tuscany and Chianti providing rooms, there are hundreds and hundreds of places to stay. You choose the town you want to stay close to. In addition to the places previously mentioned to look for rooms, you can Google "Tuscan agriturismo" or "Italian Villas". and also have a bunch of places to stay. signing into Italy listings will point you to a bunch of places to stay. And there's the new giant in accommodations,
The available accommodations are literally endless.