Rental car location

Need to know where rental locations are in Siena...we will be leaving Florence and heading to Siena to rent a car and travel to a B&B just outside of Siena, where we stay for several days as our base to tour the Chianti area. I understand that the bus is better to reach Siena from Florence because it takes you to the top of the city, whereas the train drops you off at the bottom. So need to know locations of rental agencies to determine if bus vs train is proper way to go. Would hate to get to top of city and realize car rentals are at train station.
Hope I'm clear enough to understand.

Posted by Bob
Gettysburg, PA
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The Hertz office is within sight of the train station. Just walk out the back of the station, opposite the tracks, and the Hertz office is just across the street, maybe 5 minute walk or less.