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Hi - One last time, which was the best rental car company? Autoeuropa ? I am planning to pick up in either La Spezia or Pisa depending on best rate, and drop off in Orvieto. I've noticed many times the car package price says it "includes insurance". Does this usually include full coverage, or do you recommend have buying an additional coverage when you pick up?
Thanks again! :)

Posted by Tim
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The train requires no insurance at all. It would be much better for you if you could forget the rental car and take the train. Possible?

Posted by Ed
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More in response to the question rather than an unsolicited opinion: It's Autoeurope, not what you wrote. You might want to check Kayak as well. Unless the information states that FULL cdw is included, you'll still have a deductible unless you buy it down. Watch out - - some sneaky outfits claim that insurance is included, but it's only liability, not collision.

Posted by Rosalyn
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To expand a bit on what Ed wrote . . . There is a company called Autoeuropa. I've read some complaints about them. Autoeurope is often recommended by people on this site. If you do a search here, you can read all about how they operate and what experiences people have had using them. We've used them a lot and had quite good experiences.

Posted by Andrea
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I always use AutoEurope and have had a good experience each time. They are a consolidator. You don't know what company (Hertz, Avis, etc.) until after you make your selection. If you have questions or want to change something it's easy. Just give them a call. They are located in Portland, Maine and have an 800 number. Have a great trip!!

Posted by Cat
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Thanks everyone! To answer fully, yes, we plan to train for the most part -but want to have a car to explore Tuscany for the 4 nights we will be in that part. Autoeurope looks great, I compared on kayak, and the best rate for what I'm looking for is directed through Autoeurope. I'm glad to see the consistency!! I will buy down the deductible for full collision coverage, just in case.
Thanks to all for the help - two till days go-time for me!! Yay! :)