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Rent a formal suit in Florence


My husband and I are planning a trip to Florence for May 2022. We'll be attending a wedding that is black tie optional. Packing a formal suit is going to be difficult as we're planning to do quite a bit of travel across a couple of countries afterward. Does anyone know if there's a place to rent a suit in Florence that wouldn't be too expensive? We would be getting to the city around noon the day prior to the wedding. And we would need to return the suit on a saturday morning (before 10) to catch our next train. Any help would be much appreciated!



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Another option would be to mail your formal clothes home after the wedding. Your hotel might be able to help with that.

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No info on rental shops in Florence.

Can a family member or friend who is going back sooner able to take your formal clothes? It could be cheaper to pay their extra checked bag fee than to ship yours or the cost of renting.

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Just a quick question- you're not flying in internationally the day before the wedding, right?! This past Sept, when our BA flight was finally canceled around 10:00pm [after a 4-5 hr delay], one poor passenger was quite irate because he was going to miss his brother's wedding. There wasn't another flight to his destination until the next evening.

Good luck and safe travels!

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The key to a search is remembering that a tuxedo is named "smoking" in Italy. From a short search ("Noleggio smoking") I see a couple of addresses you can try:

Casa della sposa - via Pisana 87r-89r
Sartoria teatrale Antonietta - via Baccio Bandinelli 30r

You can try also searching "noleggio abiti da cerimonia".

I would contact them well in advance to ask if a dress is available from them at your required date and inquire about dress size. Hiring a dress is not so common in Italy