Reliable tours of Venice

I will be going on a bike trip through the Dolomites, and am doing the pre and post trips with this company end of Sept. I have 2 full days and one half day in Venice on the pre trip, but much to my dismay, discovered that this tour does not include any guided tours in Venice or the post trip days in Verona. There are plenty of tours online for both cities, but was wondering if someone could advise of a reliable one for 2 full day tours of Venice? I am a single female and well seasoneed traveller, but would like to get the most out of my short time in Venice. Any suggestions the best company to book tours of Venice and Verona?

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Not sure if you really need to full days of guided tours in Venice. We have almost always use tours that we arrange through the TI. Rarely disappointed

Posted by Sherry
San Jose, CA
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Suggest you take a look at the website for Context Venice. I've never been disappointed with a Context walking tour, and have taken many, in several cities. No more than 6 people, so they can adapt to your interests, well trained guides with appropriate academic background. Most of their tours are half day, and the guides are great about getting you pointed in the right direction to continue your explorations after the tour.

Posted by nancy
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Another thumbs up for Context Travel. As Sherry said, can't beat them for focused looks at history and art. In Venice, see if you can get Monica (if she is still there - our last time there was a couple of years ago), though all Context guides are great.

Posted by Sharon
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We just returned from Venice and took a wonderful walking tour with Alessandro Schezzini. He is mentioned in Rick's Italy. This tour was exactly what we wanted. A small group (10 people) and laid back. Alessandro is not a licensed tour guide, so he will not take you into the big sites - but you can easily do that on your own. He gives you a real look at Venice today from a native Venetian - with just the right amount of history included. He was happy to answer all of our questions with humor and candor! The tour is 90 minutes and can be paired with a cicchetti bar crawl. Since you are on your own this might be a safe, fun way to enjoy some of the nightlife. Our tour with Alessandro was one of the highlights of our visit to Venice.