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Can anyone give me information (recent) about their experience with Tickitaly? There a thread for this question but it's old so I'm starting a new one I guess. I really want to use Tickitaly as they have a tour that gives you a guided tour not only through the Doges Secret Itineraries (can't get in there without one), but also through the Palace itself. I've not been able to find any other tour that does both. They also have an earlier start time. I found a post on the old site from the owner of Tickitaly and privately emailed but who knows if he's still in charge and I'm pressed for time so I'm asking again if anyone can give me recent information about them since maybe they've cleaned up their act since 2007. Thanks to all who respond.

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I used them a couple of weeks ago for the Coliseum Underground tour. I booked the tour a couple of weeks prior to that. I had no issues dealing with them. They emailed me a confirmation shortly after I booked the tour online. I had it on my phone when we arrived at the meeting point but I didn't even need it as they had a list of names already. You have to give them every name in your party. The transaction was easy and our guide was excellent. Enjoy your trip!