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Regional train, you can’t reserve a seat?

We are leaving Como in late April and taking the train to Mezzocorona, just north of Trento.

Per recommendations on this forum, I’m going to buy on Trenitalia’s website and download their app for travel.

It looks like it’s not possible to reserve a seat on the regional train from Verona to Mezzocorona. Does that sound right, or am I reading the website funny?

Also, we will need a car service to take us the last little way (10-20 mins) to our destination. Any suggestions for how to find one? Just Uber?

Thank you in advance!!

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There are no assigned seats on regional trains. You just get on and hopefully there will be a seat. As far as getting to the destination. I would contact the hotel or Air bnb and see what they advise. There really isn’t Uber in Italy.

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There are not assigned seats and you can take the next couple of Regional trains if you miss the booked one for whatever reason.

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Regional trains are suburban commuter trains, much like commuter trains in the major metropolitan areas of the US (like NJ Transit between NYC and NJ, Metrolink in the L.A. area, Caltrain in the SF Bay Peninsula, Metra Rail in Chicago), or even like subway trains, if you have ever traveled to large U.S. cities. Like the American equivalents, seats cannot be reserved. You just seat on seats that are available, and if they are all taken, you stand up, although it is extremely rare that you won’t be able to sit.

Regarding taxis (Uber does not operate in Italy), they are not likely to be standing outside the Mezzocorona station, which is a small town. You will be better off if you get off the train at Trento and take a taxi from there. The distance will be a bit longer, and therefore the fare higher, but the alternative could be standing at the Mezzocorona station with no hope to go further.

There might be taxi services you might be able to call. Try and search in the yellow pages below.