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Recommended Car Service for FCO - Umbria Transfer?

does anyone have experience using car service from rome for a transfer to another city? i see a few options when i search on the internet but would love to use a company that has been recommended. we have some family members arriving into rome after a long night/day of travel and a bit too late to easily take the train, so we're arranging car service for them to meet us at our rental house outside perugia.

thank you.

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I can strongly recommend We've used them many times and have been very satisfied with their service.

Buon viaggio,

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We've used many times between Rome and FCO and have always been pleased with their service and prices. Just email them with your needs and see what they say. They've always responded to us in less than 24 hours. If a car service can not be arranged perhaps you could stay one night in Rome and take the train to the rental house the next morning. Just a thought.

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That's over 200 kilometers. It would be less expensive to take a hotel room in Roma for the night an take the train to Perugia the next day, as TC suggested.

If your party arrives too late to take the train, perhaps a long drive would be inconvenient as well. Or they could nap in the car.

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fantastic. thanks so much for the recommendations!

there are 5 people in the family, so when we calculate the cost of a transfer from the airport to the city, plus a hotel for 5 (so they'll need 2 rooms as the kids are older), plus the hassle of moving back and forth, it's just about even to hire a car.

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We used this service last summer: Todi Driver. Once from Todi to Terni to pick up a rental car, and once from FCO to San Gemini for a late-arriving friend. The owner/driver was very reliable, friendly, and spoke decent English. I thought the cost was not outrageous. I can't dig up the cost right now but it was bearable given that our friend was exhausted and just not up to a solo Leonardo Express/transfer to Trenitalia/pickup in Terni.