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Dear Steve, I am thankful that i found your friendly help page. I am planning on travelling in Italy for 9 nights by mysel. I will be starting my time in Venice. I am having trouble trying to decide where to go and what to do. I was thinking of going from Venice to Como and than possibly to Cingue Terre. I was also thinking of going to Assisi. I have to leave from Rome on the 10th day so I would have to get back to Rome early on the 10th day My problem is getting from place to place. I dont want to spend whole days on a train. Perhaps those 3 places I mentioned are not the best option for 9 nights, 10 days. I am an active person. I have been to Italy about 5 times and have seen a lot of the beautiful country. I keep coming back because I love it so much,but now I am a bit older and I am afraid of having to drag my luggage around in the trains too much. I did that last time and it was hard. I want to know how many hours does it take to get to Assisi from Cinque Terre and than how many hours from Assisi back to Rome? What places would you recommend going to for a relaxing and adventurous time? Do you have any suggestions? Any advice you can give would be appreciated.

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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Marilyn, if you think your message is going to Rick Steves (is that who you mean by "Steve"), I hate to tell you that he doesn't have the time to monitor this bulletin board and answer questions. However his travel books do a very good job of addressing your sorts of questions. You might want to become familiar with the website that will help you figure out travel times. Also, you can pay Rick Steves advisers to help you develop a tailor-made plan especially for you. Best wishes.

Posted by Roberto
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What do you mean Rick Steves doesn't have the time to answer questions on this board? What does he do with himself all day in the 8-9 months he is not in Europe?