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Ravello/Sorrento to Paestum?

Hi All -

At the tail end of a long trip to europe, my wife and I are staying 10 days in early November of this year to explore Naples/Sorrento/Amalfi. We'd like to split time between no more than 2 locations and have our eye on Ravello for the views and relaxation, then Sorrento for all the reasons Rick suggests it (ease of transportation, mostly). We're thinking 5 days/5 days, but are open to shifting that. We understand that November means fewer tours, drivers, and transportation options than in high tourist season; we cannot change the dates.

Right now, our big question is: how best to get to Paestum and from which homebase? Ravello seems remote and difficult to get connections to/from, while Sorrento to Paestum entails many hours of travel, no matter which way you slice it.

Have any of you done attempted Paestum from Ravello? Would you wait until Sorrento?

A related sub question: from Ravello, can we do bits and pieces of the Amalfi Coast using local transportation, or should we assume we will simply BE in Ravello for its own sake, and use Sorrento for our exploration?

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