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Any suggestions for accommodations for Ravello. Mid priced hotel with view would be lovely. Maybe 4 days. Any must do ideas?

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We stayed at Hotel Rufolo
Fantastic views, great location
Not sure what your “mid-range” is

Ravello is lovely but I’m sure I wouldn’t want to stay 4 nights, there’s just not much there, town closes up very early and transportation to other towns is a pain

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I guess I should rethink staying in Ravello for more than 2 nights. Would it be good to go to Positano after? Also did you have to make a reservation in advance at Villa cimbrone? If sounds like a must do.

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Just returned, stayed 1 night in Ravello and then 4 in Positano ; second time to Amalfi Coast ; first time staying in Ravello.

To answer your question, no advance ticket needed for Villa Cimbrone.

Villa Rufolo is also worth visiting and likewise you do not need an advance ticket.
If you go in the late or early hours there will be very few others in both as most visitors to Ravello are day trippers that arrive via bus from Amalfi.
A few things you should know.

4 nights IMO would be way too long for Ravello. It is a beautiful town and one you can actually relax in but unless that was the sole purpose it would not be a wise choice to stay longer than 2 nights as it makes a terrible base. You would constantly have to take the bus to Amalfi to get anywhere. Cars cannot drive through Ravello so even if you had a car or were paying for a driver it is still not easy as you have to loop around behind the mountains depending on where you stay and where you want to go. Basically logistically it is like an island.
We stayed at Villa Piedimonte which while expensive since was only a 1 night stay and had a rental car was a perfect choice. Breathtaking views, best/freshest breakfast we had in Italy and a nice pool. A little walk from town they have a cute van they drive you into town free of charge and then you can easily walk back down from the town to the hotel after.
We visited Villa Rufolo just before sunset and closed the place, had it basically to our selves, one or two others.
Visited Villa Cimbrone just before 10 in the morning and there were only a couple dozen others in the large area so also gave us plenty of space to enjoy the views to ourselves.
This was perfect, actually would have been more ideal to do in reverse as we had planned but Villa Cimbrone was closed early on our evening due to a private party (pricey wedding I assume).
With 1 night in Ravello you have ample time to do this and also walk around the town, see the shops, enjoy a nice dinner at one of the fine restaurants, etc...
Our previous daytrip to Ravello we also webt to both Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo which was 10+ years ago, but they were both worthy of a return visit.

Ravello feels very refined and formal compared to the other towns on the Amalfi Coast. Most of the hotels are quite expensive.

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Thank you all once again. We definitely only stay 2 nights in Ravello. Really liked the piedimonte but unfortunately sold out for my dates of September 20 and 21. Any other suggestions
I assumed you could see Cimbrone but I meant do you need lunch reservations because it seems like a must

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Don't know about lunch at Villa Cimbrone, if you have a meal there does it give you access to the hotel portions of the Villa? I say this because there are some nice gardens which are for guests only.

For Ravello lodging, factor in your logistics as some hotels one cannot drive or be driven to so may have to lug bags through town or hire a porter service.
Also, if you stay on one end of town getting down to Amalfi or anywhere else on the coast may not be possible by car without going back up and over the mountains to the north which adds travel time coming and/or going.

Where the Villa Piedimonte is an example of that as are the other 2 listed below:
Hotel Villa Fraulo is one that I think has a great location, view and looks excellent all around but have not stayed there.

or the Hotel Graal ; I walked past both of these other hotels multiple times while staying at Villa Piedimonte.
I would say they both have a slightly better location than Villa Piedimonte with the same views.

Graal does not look as nice from the outside as the other 2 but believe it costs less and their pool looks great.

I would definitely read reviews on those both. They avoid the hill down to Piedimonte so would be an easy walk to and from town. If you approach and leave from the north you could be driven or drive right to the front door so you don't need a porter or have to carry bags through town which would not be enjoyable but approaching from the south could be problematic with bags as you cannot drive through the town. A little hard to describe these challenges but I can try and clarify if you have any questions.