Ravello Concert

I would like to go to a concert in Ravello but unsure of where I need to stay and how to get to the concert. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks, Susan

Posted by Rosalyn
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A few years ago we stayed in Amalfi because a very decent hotel was a lot cheaper than those in Ravello, and Amalfi seemed a better base for our other excursions. We walked into a travel agency to find out how to get tickets to a concert in Ravello and how to get back afterwards. The agent was able to sell us the tickets and to set us up to be picked up by a taxi after the event. My recollection is that the taxi cost 30 euros. It was pricey, but I did not want to chance waiting around late at night for a taxi. (The buses stop running before the end of the concerts.) The agency is named L'Altra Costiera, and it's on Via Lorenzo D'Amalfi. To get to Ravello, we took a SITA bus. The station is right near the beach, and the ticket booth is just a few steps away. If you go to Ravello, have a meal at Trattoria Cumpa Cosimo. Its food is to-die-for.