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Ravello, Amalfi coast

We will be at a meeting in Salerno and have 4 days after that to explore.
Considering Ravello as a place to stay. Any tips or recommendations?

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It is beautiful, flat and has expansive views of the coast and Mediterranean Sea. A good choice.

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I think Ravello was my fav spot on the coast...but it doesn't have the best transport options. Will you have a car? We stayed in Atrani, around the corner from Amalfi - Amalfi seems to be the 'bus hub' for that part of the coast, as well as ferries, so you'd have more frequent transport options (unless you are renting a car).

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Yes Ravello is gorgeous but if you want to spend time exploring the area I would choose Amalfi. Amalfi is a transporation hub for busses and has a ferry port so it is easy to travel about the area.

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Ravello was my favorite of the cities that we visited on the Amalfi Coast. The views are amazing, we found it very easy to get around walking and by bus. We stayed at and the views were lovely. Villa Ruffalo and Cimbrone were stunning and we had a delicious dinner at Trattoria Da Cumpa' Cosimo.

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Ravello is our favorite place to stay in the Amalfi Coast. We have stayed twice at Punta Civita (you will want a car here, or be in good shape to hike up and down all of the stairs).

We have also stayed at Villa San Cosma and it has amazing views and is closer to town.

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Mama Agata’s cooking classes in Ravello are excellent. Her website tells what days are available. I still make recipes from the class.

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Hi Victoria,

Ravello has the most events happening of the entire Amalfi Coast:

Also has the 2 attractions that are, perhaps, the best on the Amalfi Coast: Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. Probably only the Duomo of Amalfi could compete. The Amalfi Coast towns are attractions in itself, but I'm talking about regular attractions you might want to visit.

It's also mostly flat and perfect for strolling along its streets (almost entirely pedestrian also). You won't meet the overcrowding affecting Positano and Amalfi, perhaps only in the Piazza Duomo, but otherwise, it's a pleasure for walking.

From these points of view it is the best place to stay. If you want to explore the Amalfi Coast, you first need to get down to Amalfi for a bus/ferry connection (definitely choose the ferry option whenever possible). This is the only hurdle that I see, but it's easily overcomed by the above mentioned advantages.

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Do you understand that Ravello is over half an hour from any (pebble) beach? Ravello has a short summer music festival that jams the town. Check your dates, and post them next time you post here, to get the best advice. It is easy to get to Salerno, but not so easy around the real Amalfi Coast, especially in high season from May to September. If you plan to "explore", you don't want to stay in lovely, quiet Ravello.

You also need to plan your departure day. It is not quick to get around, even if you pay for a car and driver. I believe there are one or two high-luxury resorts in Ravello that may have coast shuttles for guests, but they are way above the prices most posters here are willing to pay, even me!