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Rail Reservation Problems!

I just tried to reserve a train ticket from Venice to Menton and was 'told' that I couldn't do it online. If I can't do it online then where CAN I do it?? Do I need to go through a travel agent?

Any ideas?

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Sure, buy it when you get there. Do need a little more info. When are you going? There is a time limit on how early you can make reservations.

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Hope - I just used Trenitalia's website and see trains to Menton for purchase. You can purchase tickets 60 days in advance.

Just buy your ticket a few days in advance while in italy.

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Hope - I just reserved a train ticket on Trenitalia's website and had no problems. Keep in mind you can't reserve some tickets until about 30 days in advance. Otherwise, it's probably less stressful to just go to a travel agent while you're there. I can't imagine that the seats fill up to capacity so very often that you'd have trouble getting on the train you want so close to the time of departure. The train station will have automated machines you can use also.

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Hope - Do you want a day route or a night train to Ventimiglia and then on to Menton? For complete timetables, go to click on "Internat. Guests" for English.