R/S day pack water bottle problem

Has anyone else had problems with larger water bottles falling out of the R/S Civita Day Pack side holders? I'm going to try to use small bungie cord to prevent them from falling out when bending over or taking the pack off your shoulder. Any other ideas that may work?
Thanks again Jim

Posted by donna
cranberry twp, PA, United States
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I would just carry a smaller bottle, especially if visiting Rome. There are tons of fountains in Rome where you can refill the bottle for free so you really don't need to carry a large bottle. Donna

Posted by Frances
San Diego
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I had the same problem and hooked by water bottle on with a carabiner clip. The most frustrating problem was that my pack came apart at the seams in a few places. I didn't have it filled, or anything heavy......must have just gotten a defective one. So, I sewed all the seams and the connections to the strap several times with my sewing machine - basic re-construction LOL
Good as new and I think more sturdy. Do you all like the micro-fiber fabric of the day pack????

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Jim, The problem you're experiencing with the Civita bag seems to be quite common (based on other comments I've heard). The elastic pouches on the sides aren't properly designed to hold even a small water bottle (IMO). The pouches are not high enough and the elastic doesn't offer enough compression to hold the bottles. The other problem is that the soft fabric used for the pack doesn't hold it's shape at all, allowing the bottles to easily fall out (especially if the pack is only lightly loaded). I should add that I really like the Civita packs, and use one on every trip. My solution is not to use the water bottle holders on the pack. Water bottles can be stored inside the pack, carried in a belt holder or more commonly in my Tilley Travel Vest. Cheers!

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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I use the Civita dapack a lot, mine has mesh side pockets. I put a small water bottle in one side pocket (but you could use both pockets) and loop the pocket's band over the neck of the water bottle. Never had a mishap this way. And I hate microfiber, but not enough to give up this bag. Regarding fountains in Rome, there are drinking spouts attached to or near the fountains, plus many free-standing "nasone" (big nose) fountains. The water is cold and fresh.

Posted by Laura
Williamstown, MA
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I carry a mini water bottle or two (empty when going on the plane) from Walmart. Their own brand. Small enough to fit in your pocket or the mesh part of the daypack. I love the daypack because it is so incredibly lightweight and packs absolutely flat. They gave them out last year when you booked a RSteves tour. Not the case this year though.