"Travel Insurance" without medical coverage

I've read the discussion (and visited a web site mentioned by one o0f the respondents) about "package" travel insurance. We feel we probablyhave adequate medical coverage through our HMO which also covers us by reimbursement for necessary medical expenses while we travel. I recall that one used to be able to purchase a more limited coverage travle insurance that covered one for inability to travel on the date(s) scheduled, due to death of onesself (which is almost always a stopper), or of a relative, or medicval reasons that would cause a travel delay or cancellation. This coverage used to cover flight costs and other common carrier tickets or ticket cancellation charges and/or trip costs such as non-rwefundable hotel charges. I seem to remember that this coverage used to be available through some airlines. Is that still the case?

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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I don't know if your airline has insurance that only covers the travel portion of the trip, but I urge you to confirm with your HMO that they will cover you if you are out of the country. What if you are seriously injured or ill? Will they pay for specialized transportation for you to return home? Doubtful. It is not that much more to get minimal medical coverage. I think it is worth every penny.

Posted by Kim
Fairfax, VA, USA
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We are in the same boat. I have confirmed that our medical insurance covers us internationally, in whatever treatment facility. Down-side is that we would perhaps have to pay out of pocket, but insurance co. DOES assist in extreme situations (i.e. emergency evac from cruise ship). Such a situation is what credit cards are for! Jim - would be interested to know what you were able to obtain.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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There are policies for trip interruption or cancellation. Just read the fine print carefully but each is different. Did you look at insuremytriop.com? The only thing we worry about is medical. We have taken enough trips where we self-insured that we are now money ahead and can take a hit if it happens. Most of the interruption/cancellation is not as generous as people expect as it will only cover out of pocket loses.

Posted by Jim
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Kim, We've got a bit of time so we haven't committed to one insurance provider yet. An additional wrinkle is that I've recently read that AAA provides at least one all-inclusive coverage which includes some coverage for electronic items such as cameras, etc. I'd like to follow up on this one, but I expect it'll be fairly costly. I'll also spend some telephone time with my HMO to find out the magnitude and timing for its medical cost coverage whyile we're traveling in Europe. I always took it for granted before (and never became injured or otherwise ill), but I'll pursue some more inforamtion this time.