"Roman police arrest Colosseum Gladiator gang"

Go to Yahoo! news to read about the gang running the photo ops outside the Colosseum.

Posted by Otariidae
Catadupa Alamere, CA
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Gladiators fighting? Who would have thought? Give them real swords, charge NFL prices for tickets to watch and Italy will have a national budget surplus. Add a hungry tiger or two as well.

Posted by MaryL
Seattle, Washington, USA
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I took a funny picture last October of these guys in their garb.... didnt realize until I got home and blew up the size, that Cesar was talking on his cell phone... which has made a comical photo.

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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Mary, you're lucky they didn't see you taking their photo; they're scary! I thought it was an act the first time I saw it 13 years ago, but I quickly realized they were serious. Don't Take the Scary Gladiators' Picture. Wonder if I can find mugshots online... I'll let you know in a couple of months if newbies have taken their place; I'll get photos ;-)

Posted by Bethanne
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Seriously these guys are a joke!! We seriously felt NO fear in taking a pic or choosing a group...are we dense or is it our city experience that made us MOST likely feel more confident than we should have?