"Private Supper Club" in Venice

Hello - My husband and I will be in Venice in February (Carnivale!!!). When we were there in 2002, we ate at a place that was called a "private" supper club and I'm 96% sure I read about it through Rick Steve's somewhere. It was in a residential area,you had to call ahead for reservation, and once there you had to look only for a number above the door (there was also something about knowing a 'password' but we really didn't). I believe it was the Host and Chef's home, but the lower level was made to be for dining - about 10 people. The gentleman who acted as host spoke many languages and had a sort of a "shrine" to Frank Sinatra in the place. His wife did/does the cooking. It is/was a pre-fixe, and you had to sign a book to become a "member." Does this sound familiar to anyone?! Does anyone know if they are still there? How to contact? Thank you for any help!

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