"OLD" rome

my husband insists there is a section of rome called "old rome" where you can see many old ruins untouched. we remember one area from a small bridge walkway that overlooked such ruins. but that was 25 years ago! we have a trip to italy coming up in may, but i think it is only the roman forum area he is talking about. does anyone know of another area...please advise? thanks

Posted by Harold
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Besides the Forum, another centrally located Roman ruin is the Largo Argentina; since it's a major bus interchange, you can get there from anywhere else in the city very easily (if you don't want to walk). There's a controversial cat shelter located there, too.

Posted by Roberto
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Your husband is probably thinking of the area around the Forum. Anywhere inside the "Mura Aureliane" (Aurelian Walls) is very "Old" and where almost anything you need to visit in Rome is located (including the Forum and the Colesseum).

Posted by Laurel
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Much of what you might call "old Rome" is the Centro Storico. You may have been up above the Forum near il Campodoglio, which is a magnificent view. Harold is right about Largo Argentina, too. Pardon teh pun, but there are so many layers to Rome that you can hardly swing a cat without having a view to some ruins. :-)

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Dear Paula I am a guide of Rome and i would like to give you some suggestion, Rome is an outdoor museum, besides the Roman Forum, Coliseum and Palatine, there is an archeological site near Marcello Theatre, and Largo Argentina. But you can see old Rome going also to visit some great places like the Basilica of San Clemente where there are the undergrounds, practically there are 2 more levels and you will see the level of the 4th century and the level of the end of 1st century. If you wish to see medieval Rome then go to Trastevere it is very charming and picturesque Kind Regards Viviana
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Paula, when I hear you describe a small bridge walkway and ruins, I think of the Portico d' Ottavia. The Porticus Octaviae is located in a monumental area of ancient Rome built during the reign of Augustus. It is next to the church of St. Angelo in Pescheria. Today, it's more commonly known now as the section of the Jewish Ghetto as you walk towards the Teatro Marcello. There's a "overhead-type" walkway system there and plenty of ruins. The Da Giggetto restaurant is located adjacent to the Portico d' Ottavia. Might check that out...

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Here's a photo I took of that part of the Jewish ghetto that you guys are talking about: Jewish ghetto But it was Largo Argentina that surprised me so much the first time were in Rome. We turned a corner not knowing that it was there and WOW! And do be sure to check out Ron's website for TONS of useful info on travel in Rome specifically and Italy more generally: http://www.roninrome.com/ (Hey, Ron!)

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Hey Michael!
That's a great picture of the "bridge" I was talking about. You might just have more pictures of Rome than I do! Take care, Ron