Purchasing train ticket from Florence to rome

Tomorrow I am renting a car in Florence to go to northern Italy for a few days. I will be returning the car to Florence and then catching the train to Rome this Thursday afternoon. I don't want to pre-book a ticket for the fast train since I am not sure what time of day I will be returning to Florence, and I understand the ticket must be used only for that specific train. Do the fast train tickets tend to sell out, or can I buy one shortly before boarding once I get back to Florence? Thanks. Janet

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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There are so many trains between Firenze and Roma, that they never sell out. You can buy at the machines (or the ticket window) seconds before the train departs. In the unlikely event the second class is sold out (extremely rare), you could buy a ticket in first class for about 20 euro more (first class never runs out) or just wait for the next train 20-30 min. later. The only time you might have a sold out second class is at peak time in the morning (around 8am-8:30am). I'm looking at the trenitalia.com site now. There is a train departing in 6 minutes at 19:38 local time, they still have second class seats. Of course they are at full base price of Euro 43.

Posted by Janet
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Thank you Roberto. I believe you have helped me before with the planning for this trip and I appreciate you taking the time to share your advice. We are headed to Revo tomorrow to try to track down some of my friend's relatives. You had given me some advice on driving up there. We've been having a great time on this trip and I am looking forward to posting a trip report when I get home on some of our favorite places and experiences. Janet