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Hello All, Thank you for all of your help. I will need to purchase a train ticket from Florence to Siena and from Siena to Pisa. Is this something I can do when I get there or should I do this ahead of time. I know I can only do it online up to 7 days before hand. I also know the bus is a better option for Siena but we need to leave Florence on a Sunday evening and it seems bus travel is limited. Also, where are the stations. I am guessing for Florence I will leave from the SMN but where is the one in Siena? thank you!

Posted by Zoe
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You can check an online map (google earth maps or hotel reservation sites have maps) that show the location of the train stations; they don't show elevation, however. The only passenger train station in Siena is at the foot of the hill. You can take a cab or a local bus into town (cab will take you directl to your hotel). SMN is the station you'll need for the train to Florence. You can purchase train tickets when you arrive, but in the meantime you can check the trenitalia.com website for times and pricing information (use a date within 7 days of the date you log on for info on regionale trains).

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Buy tickets there at the station. No reason to pre purchase tickets for Regional trains. There are no discounts and regional trains work like buses or subways. They don't sell out, at most you stand if there are no seats available. I think the last bus to Siena departs around 7pm. The train departs from Firenze SMN and arrives at Siena, at the bottom of the hill. From the Siena station you will need a taxi or bus if your hotel is in the historical center (which is on top of the hill). Siena to Pisa, also is on regional trains. It will require a change (in Empoli)

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Tiffany, As the others have mentioned, if you're using mostly Regionale trains it's better to just purchase the tickets there. I often buy tickets for outgoing journeys either when I arrive in a particular location (since I'm at the station anyway) or at least a day prior to travel. The Kiosks have an English-language option and they're very easy to use. One important point to mention regarding travel on Regionale trains. You MUST validate your ticket prior to boarding the train on the day of travel. Failure to do that may result in hefty fines which will be collected on the spot! DO NOT validate the ticket when you buy it, as they have a "shelf life" once validated, so by the time you use it the ticket may be invalid. One other point to mention. It is possible to save a few bucks by pre-purchase of tickets on the premium trains, such as the Freccia high speed version. However, I don't usually bother with pre-purchase for the few trips I typically take every year. If you do pre-purchase for premium trains, note that the tickets are specific for a train, date and departure time, and can ONLY be used on the train listed on the ticket. If you miss that train, the tickets are worthless and you'll have to buy more. If you board a train OTHER than the one specified on the ticket, you'll again face hefty fines! Happy travels!