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Purchase SIM or TIM card in Florence

I have a borrowed Siemens A60 GSM 900/1800 phone. I want to take it to Italy and buy a SIM (TIM?) card once I get there, since I won't need the phone for a few days.

Any advice on where to purchase the right card in Florence? Advice on which type of card to purchase?


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The SIM card is what you need to purchase from a phone store (they are everywhere in Italy!) so that your phone will work. The main network provider are TIM and Vodaphone. Go with one of these two as they have the broadest network. If you will talking to someone within Italy a lot via the phone get the same network as they have. It is cheaper to call someone on the same network. You will have to show your passport to purchase a SIM card. It's not very expsensive, 10-20 euro with some credit on the card to get you started. To purchase more credit buy a recharge card at a tobacco store.

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Thanks Henry! That's the final piece of the puzzle!


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You can check with I know you said you would wait until you arrived in Florence but if you wanted to have a phone number before you leave the states you could purchase one from them. The initial card is a little pricey but you can buy minutes when there and you will keep the same number.

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Thanks to everyone for their help.

In this case, I didn't want to buy a card UNTIL I get there (long list of reasons no one cares about), so now I know where to go to get one.

Only 4 weeks to go!