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Problems Faxing

In the process of trying to make reservations, we've had problems faxing credit card information to some hotels. We've been successful twice (in Pisa and Florence), but in Siena and in Assisi, the faxes have failed. We are sending faxes to hotels that have a separate telephone number and fax number. We don't want to send our credit card information through email and communicating by telephone doesn't always work very well. Has anyone encountered this problem?

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I recently had the same problem. The hotel I was trying to fax suggested that I send my credit card info over several emails. It may not be the most secure method but I was desparate so I followed their suggestion. If you decide to try this, you may want to send a first email explaining what you are going to do. Good luck!

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I've also used the method of separating the credit card information over two or more E-mails. This method is probably a bit more confusing for the Hotels, as this means they have to "match up" the appropriate E-mails with a particular customer. It's also less secure, so I use this method only when necessary.

The FAX method usually works, although I lost a Hotel booking in England this fall, as a result of their FAX machine being "out of service" at the Hotel. I was only notified of this after they had given my booking to another customer. Their machine "answered" and responded normally, so I had no idea the transmission hadn't worked.

Good luck!!!

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Most folks don't understand credit card security. The fax is the least secure way to send a number, On the other hand e-mail is very secure in that it cannot be intercepted during transmission but a fax can be. But the key question is what happens when it arrives at the end. A fax number on a sheet of paper floating around an office is no more secure that a number on computer screen. I always use e-mail for transmitting numbers in two message -- a slight increase in security AND -- MOST IMPORTANTLY -- use a credit card that is only used for the purpose of reservations and NEVER approved for foreign transactions. If it is compromised in Europe it would be of no value to anyone. When we arrive at the hotel we used a different credit card to pay. Never had a problem.

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Frank, great idea of using a different card. I wish I had thought of it when I booked my rooms for Italy. I did however send my information in two emails after notifying the B&B's I was doing it. No problem. But I will remember to use a card I don't use very often to reserve something - Next time!!! Thanks again.