Problem with Colosseum stairs

I just posted about my scary old knees and worrying about steep hilltowns like Assisi. I have the same problem thinking about the Colosseum in Rome. I can go upstairs fine, but downstairs I really need a handrail, especially if the steps are steep. I recall someone a while ago in this forum saying she was too afraid of the third tier stairs to go up there (Donna, was that you?) I hoped to take the underground tour which goes up to the 3rd tier. I guess I could live without the third tier part if I could just drop out of a tour once we completed the underground part. Or -- am I going to have the same problem (stairs without handrails) all over the Colosseum? Thanks for your help.

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There is a modern elevator in the Colosseum. I don't remember which levels it serves - but several people were taking it. Maybe there is some info online.

Just found this link on tripadvisor


Posted by donna
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I actually did the third tier but coming down the stairs was very scary. They are really steep and the tread is very narrow. There are handrails but the staircase is very wide so you can't use the handrails on both sides at the same time. I had my husband go down just in front of me so I could use his shoulder along with the handrail for support. I must say that I have a fear of heights and the incline of the staircase was very steep which is what bothered me (along with the narrow treads).

You can always skip the third their part of the tour. It's mostly for views of the forum and inside the colosseum.

There is an elevator that you can use to go to the top or use to come down. There are handrails on the steps but they are all very steep. You can just stay on the main level if you wish and get great views or use the elevator up then back down again.